Two Minecraft 1.8.2 villages seed with three temples and six diamonds

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Village seed7 6301543810780111014.png

The double village triple temple Minecraft seed

Here's an epic double village seed for 1.8.2 with a grass village right at the spawn with a blacksmith and three diamonds. Right nearby are three desert temples and a village near one of them.

Between all the temples and villages there are a total of six diamonds! That's a lot of storage chest diamonds for one Minecraft village world.

Seed: 6301543810780111014

This village temple seed is up there for best roller coaster seeds. There are so many things that can be linked together on this epic desert temple seed.

Aside from all the natural structures, this Minecraft 1.8.2 village seed also has other biomes and even more villages and temples out there. Deserts spawn more villages on average than any other Minecraft biome. It's too bad deserts are sometimes the most boring biomes in Minecraft; however, the first village is a plains village, so that's another great part about this Minecraft village seed.

Also there's all those diamonds to think about. What to make with the six diamonds is a fun question to figure out the answer to. Who doesn't want free diamonds with their Minecraft seeds. There's enough diamonds for two pickaxes, or six diamond shovels, and tons of other combinations. All the diamonds make this one of the rarest Minecraft seeds.