Tiny Minecraft village seed 1.7.10 with a blacksmith

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Minecraft tiny village seed with roofed forest and extreme hills by grassland plains.jpg

Two house Minecraft village seed with blacksmith

On this Minecraft village seed players spawn near a village in a plains biome. Right next to the village is a small mountain, deep forest, and a swampland biome.

Seed: -1325672521

Just in case, the village can be found at X200 and Z200. The blacksmith doesn't have very much as far as storage chest items go, but it's still a good Minecraft village seed none the less. This should be a working Minecraft 1.8.2+ village seed as well.

There are also some cow's nearby, and a river carves through the deep forest and plains split. The river leads into the what is the swampland biome in this village seed. There's plenty more around, explore and see what there is to discover in this cool Minecraft seed.