Small Minecraft 1.8.3 village seed by snow

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Minecraft snow village 1.8.3 plains village small tiny by taiga flowers roses tulips dirt grass weeds.jpg

wild Minecraft snow seed

This Minecraft village seed starts players off right by a village, which is also right by a snow biome. This is an awesome Minecraft seed for anyone who wants to build in a Minecraft village, and live by a snowy biome at the same time.

It's not very common to find villages near taiga biomes, especially not this close. While this may be a relatively small Minecraft 1.8.3 village seed, it's still a great Minecraft seed because of the village's proximity to the snow. This is the reason that it made the cut for best Minecraft seeds.

The seed is: -870685196012565250

Just in case, the village can be found at x230, by z130. The village is cool, and comes with a blacksmith and 3 diamonds. There are plains on the other side of the village, if snow isn't a preference. This is just the starting location of a wonderful Minecraft seed with plenty more fun adventures to find.