Small 1.8.8 Minecraft village seed with one farm, house, and private lake

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Small Minecraft village seed 1.8.8 with farm and private lake.jpg

Check out the awesome 1.8.8 village seed in this one. There's one house, one farm, and it's right by the start. This is a great place for anyone who wants a small Minecraft village that's easy to manage with plenty of water, because it has it's own private lake too.

The seed is: 4016884881957666109

The private, swampy lake near the village is pretty neat. This is a great Minecraft seed to grow a bunch of crops. There's also a desert in the only direction that leads out of the forest easily. It's a really neat place to live.

There should be plenty of animals in the dangerous roofed forests nearby. These forests can be dangerous even during the day. Be sure to build some kind of defensive wall or fissure around the village in order to keep it safe. This is a dangerous place to live, but it's also rewarding in some way. It's not a very big village; but regardless, it's still a really cool Minecraft seed.