Minecraft village seed with two 1.9 villages in sight of each other

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Double Minecraft village seed 1.9 in sight of each other.jpg

This is another really good Minecraft seed for villages. This works as a Minecraft 1.9 seed and plenty of other versions too. This village starts players off right next to a really cool village with another village in plain sight. One of the villages is a plains village and one is a desert village.

The seed is: -6538418009462208836

There's a taiga forest, a normal forest, a lake, some plains, and a desert nearby to these villages. This is a fairly diverse place for a Minecraft seed, especially one with two villages. The spawn point is across the river, over in one of the forests. The village should be very close at x80 by z300.

Both of these villages have blacksmiths. One of the Minecraft 1.9 blacksmiths has 3 diamonds and some iron armor. The other Minecraft 1.9 village has a bunch of obsidian and some iron. This is a great Minecraft 1.9 seed for villages. It's very rare to find two villages in sight of each other. This is definitely a 1.9 big village seed worth playing or at least trying out.