Minecraft village seed for 1.8.3 with two villages, two diamonds, nine obsidian

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Minecraft village seed 1.8.3 two village in sight forest plains biome spawn diamonds.jpg

Minecraft 1.8.3 village seed with two villages in sight

This is an interesting Minecraft village seed from the Minecraft 1.8.3 village seed list. This particular village seed has two villages that can both be seen at the same time.

Between both villages and their blacksmiths players can find themselves two diamonds, nine obsidian, and bunch of other miscellaneous items. There are caves around, forests, plains, taiga, water, and plenty more to explore.

This seed is: -8679052598817182127

As for the villages, the first is right nearby at x325 by z230 and has the two diamonds, along with six of the obsidian. The second village should be almost in plain sight from here at x565 z405 and has an additional 3 obsidian, along with some iron armor and horse armor. There are two big craters by the second village which lead down into caves. This seed is compatible as a Minecraft 1.8.4 plains seed.

Between both villages and their surrounding terrain this minecraft 1.8.3 village seed has tons of adventuring to do. There are plenty of caves, plenty of trees, and even ocean nearby to go sailing on. This is a really fun village seed for Minecraft.