Minecraft village seed 1.8.4 NPC villagers on plains island

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Minecraft 1.8.4 village seed on plains island with pigs.jpg

This is a cool Minecraft village seed 1.8.4 with a small village on a uber-cool island. This is NPC island seed has no trees, but fortunately there are 6 saplings in the blacksmith! Of all things, these trees are perfect for this village survival island seed.

There are tons of pigs, plenty of villagers, but no trees other than those saplings. There are also some iron boots, iron leggings, and a sword in the blacksmith. These items are pretty great for starting players off, with these tools players can safely explore caves and run around the island at night. This is one of the most unique and interesting Minecraft seeds of all time.

The seed is: -3990203791807064548

The 1.8.4 NPC village itself has water running up to the well. There are only two houses other than the blacksmith, and an odd pit next to the village that does not lead to any caves. Pigs make their home everyone on this island, they must live on the shrubberies that grow without trees.

This island is off the shore of the main continent. There are no other land masses connected to this awesome 1.8.4 village island. Players can have fun building up a giant 1.8.4 Minecraft city in the seclusion of their very own private Minecraft island resort. This is a really cool 1.8.4 seed for Minecraft.