Minecraft village seed 1.8.2 saddle and armor village at start

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Grassland village seed by savanna 1.8.2.png
The saddle armor village seed for Minecraft 1.8.2

Another great village seed for Minecraft 1.8.2 here. This one puts players right in a plains biome with a village right there. This Minecraft 1.8.2 village has one saddle and one iron horse armor in it.

That's not all to this cool village seed. There are surprisingly savanna and taiga biomes both nearby to the village.

Seed: 7025031194735563832

Right near the village is a little section of plains forest with a neat little hill with trees on it. Off that way are some beautiful lakes, great forest sections, and more biomes in this epic Minecraft seed.

As for the savanna, it starts pretty close to the village itself. Unfortunately there are no horses in the immediate area. Regardless of that fact it's still a great Minecraft 1.8.2 seed for villages and generic plains and grassy biomes.