Minecraft valley mesa seed 1.7.10 awesome clay mesa.

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Minecraft mesa seed with beautiful lakes and valleys by mesa forest.jpg

Cool clay mesa seed for Minecraft

On this colorful mesa seed players start out on the edge of a Mesa forest plateau. From here there's a drop down to a valley with a lake and some small rivers in this mesa biome.

There's the usual plateaus here and other mesa features. The forests are a little sparse, but there are some thick sections in some places. The craters are pretty massive and cool to look at. There aren't really many rivers, mesa rivers are pretty rare in most Minecraft seeds.

Seed: -840222844129379185

The clay blocks from mesa seeds are great for building colorful Minecraft houses without sheep. The main reason to play a mesa seed on survival mode is to gather the clay and make cool buildings and Minecraft houses out of it. There's all sorts of good colors of clay out in this Minecraft 1.7.10 mesa seed.