Minecraft tundra village 1.8.1 with stronghold nearby

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Minecraft village seed taiga mega taiga stronghold spruce trees water river lake plains villages.jpg

the extreme hills from this seed

This Minecraft Village Seed at least works on 1.8+ and probably 1.7 versions as well. This one players spawn on the other side of the most beautiful entrance ever to a village, between two mountains with a floating island which has wolves on it. Eventually they push each other off and die, or just fall off, it's sad really.

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Seed: 961751257

This village doesn't have much in it's blacksmith other than some basics. The village storage chest contains some bread, a pickaxe, and an iron helmet for some defense. This village is so quaint out in the tundra, so quiet, and wolfy.

And the village can be found at: x-460 z-220 The stronghold can be found at: x-380 z-447 y30

The stronghold's nice to have nearby so there's something to do. That one feature alone makes this Minecraft seed really nice.