Minecraft triple village seed 1.8.2 with 2 diamonds and a saddle

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Minecraft village seed three villages desert moutnains awesome cool fun 1.8.2.jpg

This cool Minecraft village seed comes with three desert villages, two diamonds, and one saddle. This is one of the cooler Minecraft seeds for version 1.7 - 1.8.2+

Players spawn a little ways off from the first village, which is a little ways off from the second, which is also a ways off from the third village. Between all three of these villages, this is quite the seed. The loot is nice, even though it's one diamond short of a pickaxe.

Seed: herobrine

The first village is a desert village and is a little ways away from the spawn, the coordinates are x325 and z260. As for the second village in this seed, it's over at x541 and z-167 and is also another desert village. Finally there's a third village on this Minecraft seed too, it's over at x710 by z85 and is yet another desert village seed. Unfortunately, the third village is also the one that has the two diamonds in the blacksmith.