Minecraft triple village seed 1.8.2 with 2 diamonds, double desert temples

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Triple Village double desert temple Minecraft 1.8.2 seed

This triple village seed comes packed with two desert temples to explore! This cool Minecraft seed is overkill fun.

Right at the spawn is the first village in this cool seed for Minecraft 1.8.2 and on. Oddly enough there are fissures right around the village, other than that it's a peaceful Minecraft seed spawn. To make this first village even more stupendous it comes with two diamonds in the blacksmith, enough for an enchantment table, two of the four diamond Minecraft tools.

Other than the beautiful terrain around this Minecraft village, there's also two other villages to explore, and don't forget those super cool desert temples to explore! The thing that makes this one of the best Minecraft seeds for Minecraft 1.8.2 is that it has so many things to explore, and not just the village. There are fissures and dungeons everywhere on this seed with enough surveying.

As for the second great Minecraft village, the village fissure sort of points at it. The coordinates are down at the bottom.

The second village is a plains village, and of course, it's a gigantic village too. This second village is compact and neat with animals, food, villagers, trees, and a great view of the rest of this awesome seed for Minecraft 1.8.2 and on.

The desert temples should both be on the way to the third village which is on across the desert. This third village is also a plains village and is just as much of a giant village as the other two in this Minecraft 1.8.2 seeds.

Seed: 1470665895276469641

The coordinates of the Minecraft 1.8.2 world generator seed formations are:

Village: 300 / 180 Village: 100 / -325 Village -380 / 750 Desert Temple: 42 / 218 Desert Temple: 90 / 620