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This is a list of Minecraft survival servers. There are many versions of Minecraft survival servers to choose from, not just basic survival mode.

This list has good vanilla (no mods) survival servers, faction survival servers, PvP survival servers, PvE survival servers, and overall popular survival-capable servers. Some of these servers get many more players than others. Generic vanilla survival servers actually tend to have very few users, servers with 50+ players can be difficult to find.

Multi-purpose Minecraft servers tend to get the most players, with some reaching up into the 1000's even. While numbers are nice, they're not for everyone. Minecraft survival servers with too many people can be awful for people who just want to find a secret location to build with friends.

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Minecraft survival servers

This section is a basic Minecraft survival server list with no mods. This is what people usually except to find the first time they look for Minecraft servers in general.

Minecraft survival server #1: CraftyMynes PvP vanilla survival server

Minecraft craftymynes server 1.8.3 survival PvP PvE vanilla no mods teleport.jpg

This is a Minecraft survival server that players almost expect when first looking up survival servers. This server has a neat starting area with one parkour section, a teleporter to get players out to a random far away location, a store, and more.

Once out and about, away from the starting area, players can start picking up blocks and creating houses. Be careful, on this Minecraft survival server players are allowed to grief and destroy any building other players have made. It might not be okay to harass just one player, but in general PvP destruction is allowed on this Minecraft survival server.

Other than that it's a great generic Minecraft server for survival. To not get griefed, try building a house underwater, in the sky, or at least use a secret entrance. Get thousands of blocks away from the server spawn, hide the base, and get started building.

Max players: 64

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Minecraft survival server #2: CloudVanilla PvP vanilla survival server

Minecraft couldvanilla survival server shop main server spawn.jpg

Here's another good Minecraft survival server. This one usually runs on the latest version of Minecraft. The setup for this Minecraft server is PvP survival without any mods.

At the server spawn players can find a meat spawner to get food from. Once satisified, there's a castle, shop, and more outside. Right on the way out of the server spawn, there are some floating signs that tell the rules, which include no hacking, advertising, spamming, and more. Right around the corner is an obsidian rectangle with water flowing down it. This is a teleporter.

The teleport takes players out a few thousand blocks, it seems kind of random. Be sure to swim to top and bottom of the teleporter if it doesn't work. It's possible to float to the bottom of the teleporter and not go anywhere. If this happens swim back up to the very top.

Max players: 81

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Minecraft survival server #3: blockheads PvE vanilla survival server

Minecraft 1.8.3 blockheads server spawn.jpg

This Minecraft survival server is called blockheads, and it revolved around survival building. All around the server spawn there are amazing structures bordered with red lines. It's against the rules to build or dig within 50 blocks of these lines.

The server spawn will teleport players out a few hundred blocks or more if they stand around for 10 minutes. Staying out of the server spawn for 10 minutes will make the timer go down, and allow players back into the server spawn.

There are a bunch of rules at the server spawn. No hacking, cheating, cursing, spaming, harrasing, PvP, and more. If there are any disputes they urge players to bring it up on the website and not in-game chat. This server is the most family friendly Minecraft server for PvE survival. This is a good Minecraft server

Max players: 48

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Minecraft survival server #4: Vanilla Craft PvP vanilla survival server

Minecraft vanilla craft main server spawn building location.jpg

This Minecraft survival server has a neat starting location with a few rules. Don't hack, don't spam, etc. and other than that it's a pretty solid survival experience. There are four teleporters that take people out thousands of blocks in either south west, south east, north east, or north west. This makes it somewhat possible to use the teleporters with friends, it's a good compromise.

There are no rules against griefing, so be careful choosing a building location. Be careful about harassing one single player repeatedly, that may actually lead to a ban. This Minecraft survival server is pretty laid back on rules though. It's a pretty solid and generic Minecraft server experience.

Max players: 45

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Minecraft survival server #4: Lichcraft multi-purpose server

Minecraft Lichcraft survival entrance.jpg

This popular Minecraft survival server has many sections other than just survival. There's factions, skyblocks, and more. This is a really populated Minecraft server, be careful to build secretly.

There's a section called Lichcraft survival, which is just normal survival. Players start with some gear and can type /spawn to return to the survival server spawn. At the survival spawn players can buy and sell materials at the block and item shops. This Minecraft economy system is optional, players don't have to use it.

Not matter what time it is there are almost always over one thousand players on this Minecraft survival server, but not just the survival section. This is not a good server for players who want a more private experience. Build secretly on this server, or travel extremely far away in order to not get found. This is an extremely popular Minecraft server.

Max players: ?

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Minecraft survival server #5: Arkham Network multi-purpose server

Minecraft Arkham Network server spawn.jpg

This is another extremely popular Minecraft server with survival capabilities. This one's survival section has an economy system, which isn't a necessary requirement to use. Players can really find people on this Minecraft survival server because of the massive number of active players.

Building a secret base is difficult on this Minecraft server with the number of available players. Be sure to get extremely far out into the wilderness before building a base. Chances are player tracks can be found all over the place on the journey out.

This server also has many other options to try out. There are plenty of sub-server sections to choose from other than survival mode. This server offers modes such as: creative, factions, prison, and more. With the number of online players, there's also a game of something going on to join in on. This server has all of the basics covered, making it one well-rounded Minecraft server.

Max Players: 10,000

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Minecraft survival server #6: Omega Realms classic game modes Minecraft server

Omega Realms Minecraft basic game mode multiplayer server.jpg

Omega Realms has a great Minecraft survival server. This whole place has classic game modes like creative, survival, prison, and more. The survival server is pretty cool. There's even a money system on the survival server that gives players something to do in the end game. Omega Realms definitely offers another fun place to play multiplayer survival mode.

Max Players: 1,000

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Minecraft survival server #7: Minecraft Central multiplayer Minecraft server

Minecraft Central Minecraft server with basic survival and creative modes.jpg

This one of the more interesting Minecraft survival servers. Players on this server get land plots to build on with certain places to go to get resources. This is as close as survival gets to being a Minecraft creative server. Players can build whatever they want on their plot, or they can walk the public streets and look at what other players have built. Minecraft Central was also one of the first places to upgrade to Minecraft 1.9 servers This is definitely a unique take on Minecraft survival servers.

Max Players: 10,000

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Minecraft survival server #8: MineTime multipurpose Minecraft server with survival mode

Minetime minecraft server with creative, survival, kitPvP, and more.jpg

This is another one of the good Minecraft survival servers to try out. Players start with some really good gear on their first spawn and can run out into the wilderness and get to building. There are other game modes on this Minecraft server as well. This is another fun Minecraft survival server to try out.

Max Players: 2,000

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Minecraft survival server #9: DesiredCraft Minecraft classic game modes server with economy survival

DesiredCraft Network Minecraft server with survival economy, hunger games, factions, etc..jpg

DesiredCraft is another fun place to play on a Minecraft survival server. This particular Minecraft survival server is actually called economy survival. This an interesting modification from normal survival that can actually be found on a few other Minecraft servers as well. DesiredCraft is another fun place to try playing on a Minecraft survival server.

Max Players: 2,000

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Minecraft survival server #10: Barbercraft survival/creative server with mini-games

Minecraft barbercraft parkour server with creative, survival, and mini games.jpg

This is a fun Minecraft survival server with a few other things to do as well. There's a creative section with land plots, as well two different survival modes. Players can choose to go into the PvP survival server, or the PvE survival server. There are also a few mini-games to play, and some parkour. Barbercraft is another fun Minecraft survival server.

Max Players: 200

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Minecraft survival server #11: Cloud Vanilla generic survival world

CloudVanilla Minecraft server for survival mode with shops.jpg

This is one of the more generic Minecraft survival servers with an entire world of PvP survival. This place has a bunch of shops at the spawn point to trade resources around. This is another small Minecraft survival server, which is usually best to bring some friends along with. Cloud Vanilla's a fun open-world survival server that's what a lot of people imagine when they think of Minecraft survival server.

Max Players: 50

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Minecraft survival server #12: Cosmic Craft big multi-game-modes server

Cosmic Craft Multiplayer Minecraft server with PvP, prison, etc..jpg

This is another one of those popular Minecraft survival servers with many players and a lot of game modes. There's a unique section on Cosmic Craft that's actually a Minecraft towny server, which is a special version of survival. On this Minecraft survival server players can claim land area's and make them non-PvP so they can create a town, house, or whatever.

There are a bunch of different places to warp to other than the "wild" in this Minecraft survival server as well. Cosmic Craft actually requires the creation and use of a password in order to play. This is a unique and interesting Minecraft survival server with plenty of other server types to play on other than survival as well.

Max Players: 2,000

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Other Minecraft server types

While Minecraft survival servers are nice, there are actually many more options out there. Be sure to check out the full Minecraft server list to get a better idea of what's out there. There are many more sections coming soon, with quick reviews of many more Minecraft servers, including Minecraft survival servers.