Minecraft snow village seed 1.8.3

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Minecraft snow village seed 1.8.3 with plains lakes rivers and normal taiga forest nearby.jpg

Minecraft snow village seed

This cold Minecraft 1.8.3 village seed starts players out near a village next to snow. It's fun to have a village so close to a taiga.

The seed is: 1541402667784407631

The rest of the spawn is mainly plains biome. It goes on for at least a little while. There's also some non-snowy taiga forest right nearby as well. It's a fun Minecraft 1.8.3 snow village seed.

There's also some mountains to see nearby. There's a snow capped one on the opposite side of the village, out in the plains. There's also a tri-river split running through the snow seed biome. There's also tons of plains, and other biomes if players travel far enough in any one direction. It's a fun Minecraft seed.