Minecraft savanna village seed 1.7.10 with natural zombie death

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Minecraft savanna zombie dungeon village with monsters.jpg

On this awesome Minecraft village seed there's a savanna village nearby laced with dungeons. Zombie's are constantly popping out of these dungeons and attacking villagers, even during the day! This is a really uncommon Minecraft seeds.

Seed: 104079552

The village isn't exactly right at spawn, so the coordinates are X200 and Z200. There are small holes all in the village that lead in to endless Minecraft catacombs. There's even a cool underground look out supported by stalagmites for once. It's such a cool village seed for 1.8.2 and before. Unfortunately however the storage chest doesn't have that much to get players started other than an iron chest armor to help defend against the zombie hordes.

This is one super creepy village seed for 1.7.10 - 1.8.2+ because of all the zombies. Even once all the dungeon entrances are blocked and the village is walled in, it still just feels unsafe. This is such a cool zombie village seed.

This village is actually in a savanna biome and other than the village it's a pretty generic village to live life. The main appeal is the easy access to dungeons, it's exciting. Defending the villagers never got harder with this awesome village seed.