Minecraft plains seed 1.8.4 by swamp, ocean, sunflower plains, and forests

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Minecraft plains seed 1.8.4 swampland sunflower plains ocean forest taiga seed.jpg

Here's another good Minecraft 1.8.4 plains seed to try out. The plains aren't very big, but they're big enough. Nearby players can find swamp biomes, sunflower plains, and even ocean/beach. There are various amounts of forest nearby, so there's never a shortage of wood on this 1.8.4 plains seed.

The seed is: 3080112207622049108

The swampland sunflower plains section can be found at x-300 by z300.

There are also a ton of animals around, such as cows, for players to use for food. There's plenty of wild grass, which players can collect grass seeds from. These seeds can be used for wheat, which can make bread for food, or be used to reproduce cows for meat.

The swampland isn't huge, but it isn't small either. There are no witches huts, but there are some sheep and both types of mushrooms. In normal Minecraft seeds it's very difficult to find both types of mushrooms. With both types of mushrooms players can grow giant mushrooms using bone meal and then use the mushrooms for mushroom stew. This is an excellent source of food for players who want to do it.

There are also some hills forests right by the start of this 1.8.4 fun seed. Players can find fissures too, an ocean view, sunflower plains, and much more. This is a really diverse 1.8.4 seed for Minecraft. Players can find a little bit of a bunch of different cool things in Minecraft.