Minecraft mushroom island seed 1.8.3 with a shore out in the ocean

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Minecraft mushroom island seed with natural mushroom port giant red brown mycellum.jpg

Generic mushroom island biome out in the ocean

On this mushroom island seed players start off on a small survival island, which is somewhat usual on mushroom island seeds.

Nearby is a fun mushroom island biome over at x-280 z125. It's pretty fun to explore with a bunch of cubbyholes and maybe some hidden caves. There's even a cool shore like feature where the water isn't very deep on the shores off one side of the mushroom island seed.

The seed is: 3352196008653124127

Right by the initial island seed spawn is an ocean monument at x150 z75 with 8 gold blocks in it. That along with the mushroom island make this an interesting Minecraft seed to explore.