Minecraft mushroom island seed 1.8.3 land bound giant mushroom biome

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Minecraft mushroom island seed 1.8.3 land locked not island savanna desert surrounding dirt.jpg

Another Mushroom island biome but this one's almost land locked

This mushroom island biome is practically land locked. There's desert biome on one side, and plains against a bunch of the rest.

This seed is: 2014925324945495815

These mushroom biomes are almost never completely land-locked, it might not even be possible. This is one of the best Minecraft seeds.

The initial spawn is in a plains biome and the Minecraft 1.8.3 mushroom island seed is right in there at x50 by z500. The place is huge with plenty of mushroom cows and cubbyholes to make Minecraft houses with. Giant mushroom biomes are actually pretty rare in most Minecraft seeds.