Minecraft mountain village seed 1.7.10 with three diamonds

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Minecraft mountain seed 1.8 village surrounded by mountains and extreme hills savanna.jpg

Extreme hills village seed with three diamonds in the blacksmith

Here's a potential village seed for ~1.7.10 that has a village literally right beside an awesome mountain. The biomes on this map make this a really cool Minecraft seed.

Seed: -8278656170697959971

The village is very far away from the initial spawn at X-650 Z 375. It takes a little while to find it, and there's plenty of cool biomes along the way with beautiful lakes and rivers. There were sheep and a variety of other animals on the way to the village and some great mountain formations in the extreme hills biome.

There's also a very useful hole in the ground, right in the village. Dig down in that hole in the ground in order to find another, deeper hole in the ground. There are dungeons below this village and the nearby surroundings. Feel free to explore this one, there's plenty of other cool Minecraft seed features around the village, especially in the mountain biome, like waterfall and such.