Minecraft mountain adventure island seed with ocean monument and caves

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2Minecraft mountain adventure island seed 1.8.8 with ocean monument and caves.jpg

This hilltop survival island seed 1.8.8 is also a 1.8.8 ocean monument seed with a cave on the main island, and plenty of adventures. It's a Minecraft buffet of fun. It's like having a private crows nest island.

The seed is: 4891669057772877919

There are 8 gold blocks hidden in that ocean monument. This is a great place to aim for a survival mode roller coaster building adventure thanks to the massive amount of gold from the ocean monument. Be careful of the monsters down in the monument, they're dangerous.

There's a cave on one side of the island that leads down into the island a little ways. On this Minecraft Seed there aren't any caves that go deep into the island, but they're great starts or a mine. Animals spawn on the island sometimes, and it makes survival very easy. This is a great place to do some creative work with an even greater survival island.