Minecraft mesa bryce seed 1.11.2 at spawn

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Minecraft bryce mesa seed 1.11.2 at spawn.jpg

This is an awesome seed for Minecraft where players start right near two different bryces. These are unique biomes found inside of mesas. These are surprisingly rare biomes in Minecraft.

The seed is: -5903380178319862230

The mesa biomes in this Minecraft seed are huge. There's what feels like endless mesa and bryce to explore. There are some pretty large bryce spikes and plenty of them in both directions from the start.

There are two different kinds of bryce spikes in this Minecraft 1.11.2 mesa seed. One of the bryce sections has the shorter spikes and lots of them. The other bryce has dramatically larger spikes and they're also pretty wide. These types of biomes surprisingly come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. They're a very interesting addition to Minecraft seeds.