Minecraft mega taiga village seed 1.8.3 with a blacksmith and diamond

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Minecraft mega taiga village seed pigs sheep trees blacksmith diamond saddle iron seeds.jpg

Minecraft mega taiga village with a diamond

This interesting Minecraft mega taiga village seed has a village fairly close to the seed spawn, but it also has a blacksmith and a diamond. This village is right on the outskirts of a mega taiga and a river. There are sheep and pigs by the village to help turn it into a player house.

This is an awesome Minecraft 1.8.3 mega taiga seed with a massive mega taiga to explore. This is an exciting Minecraft fun seed to start an adventure on. This cool little Minecraft 1.8.3 seed has a medium sized village, it's great for expansion, or destruction. This is such a great Minecraft seed for mega taiga villages.

The seed is: -6465870685209659432

There should be a taiga on the other village that's not so mega though. Why settle for a taiga seed when you can have a 1.8.3 mega taiga seed with a village. It's all so close to the spawn, it's a great Minecraft seed. Be sure to check out the other Minecraft seeds, there are plenty more good Minecraft seeds.