Minecraft jungle village 1.7.10 mesa by village too

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Mesa village swamp jungle temple.png

Four biomes converge in this mesa jungle village seed

This is one bio-diverse Minecraft village seed for 1.7-1.8.8 and on.

Four biomes intersect here including the plains in this village seed.

There are swamps, jungles, a mesa, and the plains the village spawns in.

Seed: -106396336

Just in case, the coordinates of the village are x0 and z50. This village has been tested and is a working Minecraft 1.8.2 mesa village seed as well.

Don't miss the jungle temple which is around 100 blocks away from the village. There are only some ingots in the temple, but it's worth checking out. There's swamp right beside this village, the mesa too, and jungle. This village is really diverse and fun to explore because of all the different biomes, it's actually one of the best Minecraft seeds.

There's an awesome view of the mesa from the village. Feel free to make a lookout tower from the village in order to turn the view distance up and look out at all the cool different biomes in this village seed.

The only downside to the village is that it's rather small. It needs some expansion by the player in order to amount to anything vast like a Minecraft city!

There are some basic necessities like ingots and armor in the blacksmith, the swamp has yet to be explored and same goes for the jungles. There could be a lot more to see in this village seed with some exploration of the nearby biomes. The mesa looks like it extends a while, it's worth checking out too.