Minecraft jungle seed 1.8.4 jungle hills and jungle water

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Minecraft 1.8.4 jungle seed with ponds and hills.jpg

This is a wonderful Minecraft 1.8.4 jungle seed with tons of giant jungle trees and even jungle hills, which are hard to make out because of all the underbrush. It's hard to tell where the jungle goes up and down and where it's simply because of foliage.

This is a fun Minecraft jungle seed 1.8.4 for any jungle enthusiast. Players can even find a few jungle temples if they venture far enough out. There are quite a few jungle temples out in this Minecraft 1.8.4 jungle seed.

The seed is: -5137594404538664075

The jungle goes on for ages actually. South are some swamps and other biomes, but to the north the jungle goes on and on. North east and west there are small oceans to escape from the jungle with. This Minecraft seed isn't necessarily limited to the jungle, players can branch out to other adventures.