Minecraft island seed 1.8.3 with square island, mesa, and extreme hills survival island

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Minecraft island seed 1.8.3 with square island mesa and extreme hills survival island.jpg

This is definitely an interesting Minecraft 1.8.3 island seed. This island is just a little ways away from the starting location, which is on the island in the backdrop. There's also a mesa nearby, and extreme hills.

The seed is: -7613779557236235262

The starting location is on the first Minecraft island seed, with a bunch of trees. There are so many trees, it's technically a 1.8.3 forest island seed. There's a start to an extreme hills biome in plain sight from either of these islands, and this freaky square island is in view as well. There's also a mesa biome in sight, it goes on for quite a while. This is hardly a survival island seed, there are so many places to go, all so nearby. Regardless, it's still a really cool Minecraft seed.