Minecraft ice spikes seed 1.8.4 with a ice spikes river and mountain

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Minecraft ice spikes seed 1.8.4 like a Minecraft elder scrolls wilderness.jpg

Here's another cool Minecraft ice spikes seed. This Minecraft Seed starts players off on the edge of an ice spikes biome. Right over the first ice spikes mountain players can see a few of the taller icicles.

There's a river flowing through the ice spikes biome and at one particular point there's a giant ice spike overlooking the cross section of the river like an icicle tower. Not only that, but it also happens to be right in the middle of the ice spikes biome anyway. That would probably be the ideal place to build an icicle fortress.

The seed is: 8832370708176576017

This is one of the best Minecraft seeds for ice spikes. The natural lookout tower makes this one look like a manually created Minecraft seed. There are also some wooded areas on the border of the ice spikes.