Minecraft horse village seed 1.7.10+ with lava

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Minecraft horse taming seed village with lava diamonds and armor saddle cool.jpg

This is one amazing Minecraft village seed for 1.7+ where players spawn near a village that has horses, a saddle, and a lava pit that consumes a house sometimes. This is actually one of the best Minecraft seeds.

This village has a saddle in it, diamond horse armor, and a diamond. On top of that there are literally horses in the village, this Minecraft seed is amazing for horses. Any Minecraft horse tamer would be happy to have this village to breed Minecraft horses in. It's the perfect Minecraft 1.8.4 plains seed to tame and breed horses.

Seed: 586909515517558631

The lava pit burns part of a house sometimes at the start. The village is also in a plains biome at X-200 Z40.