Minecraft horse taming seed 1.9 with village, jungle, and mesa

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Minecraft horse taming seed 1.9 by mesa and jungle.jpg

This is an awesome Minecraft 1.9 village seed that's actually a horse taming seed. There are horses all over the starting area, and near the village. Across the small desert there's a desert temple at x75 by z350 with two saddles in it. This is a prefect home for taming horses.

The seed is: -3438590649663356289

The village is right across the river near the spawn point and can be found at x200 by z-150. This is an excellent village with a diamond, some iron pants, a pick, and a few other useful resources. The village is about medium sized and should make a great place to create a 1.9 stable for the horses. This is an awesome seed for Minecraft.