Minecraft hillside village seed with cool terrain and by a mesa

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Minecraft hillside village seed with farms by mesa in the desert and blacksmith.jpg

Here's a cool Minecraft village seed with a hilly village built into the side of a big desert hill. Because of the location of this Minecraft village, the houses look kind of weird and there's even a farm half way back into a miniature cave.

The seed is: -3339770632234543378

The desert village can be found at x0 by z270, which isn't very far away from the seed spawn. Initially players find themselves on the border of a plains and the desert biome. There are also a bunch of mini-islands sprawled out through the strange water formation at the start.

This village is actually a really big Minecraft village with tons of farms, tons of villagers, and tons of houses. On top of that, the way that the village is organized is really neat. There are few houses up on the hill, a cave farm, a tall blacksmith, odd dirt walls, and more. This is a really fun Minecraft seed to play with villages. On top of all of that, there's even a mesa biome right by the village, but across the water. This is a cool Minecraft seed.

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