Minecraft forest island seed 1.8.4 with no other islands around

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Minecraft forest island seed 1.8.4 middle of nowhere survival island.jpg

This is another cool 1.8.4 survival island seed for Minecraft. Players get to spawn on a forest island with pigs, sheep, chickens, flowers, and trees. This is the most lax and easy-going 1.8.4 survival island seed ever. Also for once the island has no other islands anywhere nearby, it's just this island paradise all by itself.

The seed is: 5171576085130450674

To the south, with enough sailing, players can find flower forests along with normal continent land. Actually players can find the mainland in any direction now that the seas aren't as big as they used to be in Minecraft.

As for this island, it's got just about everything. Players can breed sheep for bedding, chickens and pigs for food, or even grass/wheat/bread for food. There are so many trees and so much dirt, players could even survive off of an apple orchard. On this Minecraft seed there are enough trees to feed two people on apples alone, if not more.

This is a fun Minecraft 1.8.4 forest island seed. Players can have fun adventures on this good 1.8.4 seed for Minecraft. This particular Minecraft seed actually is in the list of best Minecraft seeds.