Minecraft five diamond village seed 1.8.1

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Minecraft village seed with buried desert temple and hole built into village.jpg

This is another great village seed and diamond seed as well.

On this village players get to spawn right next to a small desert village with a blacksmith and two or three houses. Inside of the blacksmith's storage chest players can find five diamonds to start with. This Minecraft seed is great for people starting out because it allows them to jump straight to the diamond tools of their choice, or at the very least the enchanting table can be made more easily on this seed.

Look at the Minecraft village seed list for more ideas.

Seed: 1264417242569508116

Also nearby are rivers, animals, and a cliff face that's perfect for making a Mine. This village seed is extremely neat. Other than the downside of it being a desert village, this is practically a perfect Minecraft village seed.