Minecraft double village seed 1.8.2, awesome grass villages

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Village seed4 5246789466573073575.png

Beautiful grasslands village

This is one of the more peaceful Minecraft village seeds. The first village is right at the spawn and is a neat grass village.

There's a second village on the other side of some stone hills and forest that's bigger, with water on both sides. The one downside to both of these villages is that there is no blacksmith in either village. Other than that detail the villages are both great looking and in awesome locations, especially the second one.

Seed: 5246789466573073575

That second grasslands village can be found over at x125 z1100. In order to open the coordinates screen, hit f3 on the keyboard while in-game. Without the coordinates it's tough to find the awesome second village in this 1.8.2 seed.

There's plenty more to explore, caves, probably dungeons, and more. Diverse biomes around here, and stone hills are pretty rare in Minecraft seeds.