Minecraft double desert temple seed 1.8.2 with built-in temple village

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Minecraft desert village with temple built in cool fun awesome epic amazing interesting.jpg

Desert temple village! Plus this seed comes with another temple nearby

This crazy double desert temple seed has a village built into one of the Minecraft temples.

There are diamonds and saddles in the temples which makes any horses nearby tamable. On top of that the desert temple is placed very well into the village, which makes it actually look like it was meant to be there for once. Normally on desert temple seeds with a village built in, the desert temple is destroying the village, or out away from the village by a fair number of blocks. On this Minecraft seed the desert temple is just a handful of blocks away from the village and is placed perfectly.

Seed: 5654556177424684123

The village can be found at x330 by z300, and has a temple built in, where as the second desert temple is over at x618 by z202 and has two additional saddles for this seed. The first village also comes with one diamond, which isn't much, but if a shovel suffices then starting with a diamond shovel in this desert temple seed can be really fun. Sand's a great commodity in bulk.