Minecraft diamond island seed 1.8.2 with eleven diamonds

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Survival island seed with insane diamonds underground Minecraft 1.8.2 diamond seed.png

This is one of the best diamond seed for all of Minecraft. Down under the end of the island in this seed is a fissure. Upon further inspection the fissure actually has 11 natural diamond blocks, and they're all fairly easy to get to.

Players find themselves on a survival island without much out of the ordinary. Upon further excavation, one of the islands has a fissure underneath with all the diamond seeds. It's pretty cool how many diamonds are in this Minecraft seed.

Seed: -4843434297086207654

The diamond fissure can be found when players dig down at X184, Z125. Be extremely careful to not fall into the lava as the fissure shifts a little with each version. Other than the diamonds this is a really nice survival island seed too.