Minecraft desert temple at spawn 1.8.2 with village nearby

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Minecraft desert village seed 182 forest savanna taiga temple.png

Epic Desert temple 1.8.2 village seed for Minecraft

Here's a Minecraft village seed with a desert temple right at the spawn. There's a desert village out there with savanna, forests, and even taiga nearby.

The seed is: 1868071005

The desert temple is right near the forest spawn, across the river. The 1.8.2 Minecraft village can be found at x-500 z150. There is no blacksmith for this Minecraft 1.8.2 village seed, but there are plenty of houses.

The nearby biomes are pretty great in this Minecraft seed. In other words, there's plenty of diversity in this Minecraft 1.8.2 village seed. The desert is surrounded by biomes of all kinds. It's really a beautiful village seed for Minecraft 1.8.2 to try out. There's plenty of exploration, and probably plenty of caves and dungeons as well.