Minecraft clay mesa seed 1.7.10 awesome valleys

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Minecraft mesa seed with trees valleys clay and plateaus.jpg

Minecraft colored clay seed with valleys and hills

Check out this cool 1.7.10 mesa seed with hills, valleys, colored clay, rivers, and a lot more. The video to the right goes over the basics, but this mesa also contains some mesa forest plateau sections and maybe even a bryce. Explore around on this vast mesa seed to see what there is.

The rivers go on for ages in mesa's and make great travel routes. With enough fortune and boats players can even travel down some mesa rivers on boat to decrease travel times. It's extremely east to explode a boat on a mesa river, especially on the rivers on this mesa Minecraft seed. Honestly it's not recommended on this mesa.

Fun mesa seed 1.7.10+ with canyons and craters.

Seed: -6664954723291399272

Here's a vast and crater filled mesa plateau seed with tons of lakes, a few rivers, and some forest. With enough exploration there's probably plenty of other cool things to explore, like exploring a Minecraft Australian outback. These big mesa seeds are cool places to explore.

This awesome seed feels like a Minecraft Mass Effect 4 world 8 bit style, in the pretense that the plateau's are inaccessible. With the right Minecraft FPS mods maybe this giant mesa seed can come alive. All the big mesa's of 1.7.10 are like mazes if the plateau's are inaccessible. Unfortunately sometimes these are dead ends which could then only be reached by mining.