Minecraft cave village seed 1.8.7 with two big houses

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Minecraft 1.8.7 cave village seed multi biome fun.jpg

This time the Minecraft 1.8.7 village seed is a really small two house village with a private cave system under the well. This village is situated by the side of a big mountain. There's a hole through the mountain to see the desert.

The seed is: 2291359880236622359

There are many different biomes around this village, from taiga all the way to desert. This village is a great little hub to start out with. This village is honestly a luxury manor for a king. The one house is one of the biggest house types, and just looks extra fancy.

This is really one of the best places to start an adventure because of all the sheep at the start. There are different biomes in all different directions and plenty of sheep wool to take on a journey to make a bed with. This is a really cool Minecraft seed.