Minecraft Xbox 360 witch hut seed TU 46 with super small swamp

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Minecraft Xbox 360 witch hut seed by start.jpg

This is one of the awesome Minecraft Xbox 360 seeds for witch huts. Players start off right near a very small patch of swamp with a witch hut right in it. For anybody who wants to see a witch hut, or do something with it, this is the perfect Minecraft Xbox 360 seed.

The seed is: 7793724824980821433

On this seed player spawn in a strange place with many different biomes all around, from mountain, to forest, to swamp and more. The witch hut can be found at x180 z275 which is very close to where players start off on this seed for xbox 360 Minecraft.

This is a pretty cool place to play on for witch huts. On top of the witch hut there's plenty more to explore as well. This Minecraft Xbox 360 seed has tons of mix matched biomes with small chunks of things feeling very out of place. There are plenty of fun biome combinations to be found in this cool seed for Minecraft Xbox 360.