Minecraft Xbox 360 village seed TU 46 at start near ocean

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Minecraft Xbox 360 seed village at spawn water desert savanna.jpg

This is a pretty awesome Minecraft Xbox 360 seed with a village right near the starting point. Players find themselves starting off on a peninsula with a village right behind them towards the mainland. The village is pretty massive, and it's carved into the side of a hill as well.

The seed is: 44427803479133

The coordinates of the village are x0 z80. The blacksmith doesn't have anything too spectacular, but it does have an iron sword and some basic iron armor, which is better than nothing. There are a few farms, which is nice for food in survival mode. There are plenty of villagers to interact with, trade with, etc.

This is a pretty interesting place to create a base in Minecraft Xbox 360 edition. Minecraft seeds like this are nice because of the limited amount of space that can be explored on Xbox 360 Minecraft seeds. It's because of this limitation it's surprisingly common to have an entire seed with no villages at all. Either way, this is definitely another cool Minecraft seed.