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Minecraft Xbox 360 seeds are much more important to find than normal PC Minecraft seeds. The map is constrained on Xbox 360 Minecraft seeds to a little less than 1,000 blocks by 1,000 blocks. It is for this reason that finding a good Minecraft seed for Xbox 360 is much more important than on PC version.

It's important to note that Minecraft Xbox 360 seeds are generally not compatible with PC seeds, and especially incompatible with pocket edition versions of Minecraft. The Xbox 360 Minecraft seeds generate slightly differently than on PC and PE. Minecraft Xbox 360 seeds are often cross-compatible with Minecraft PS4 seeds however, so keep that in mind.

Below is a slowly updating list of Minecraft Xbox 360 seeds. More of these seeds get added from time to time. Minecraft Xbox 360 village seeds are especially interesting, but the list includes many other types of Minecraft seeds as well, such as snow seeds, mushroom island seeds, jungle seeds, and so on. To learn more about the seed either click on the title or picture.

Minecraft Xbox 360 seeds

Minecraft Xbox 360 mushroom island seed

Minecraft Xbox 360 mushroom island seed with village right there.jpg

This is an insanely rare Minecraft Xbox 360 seed where players start off really close to one of the rarest biomes in the game: a mushroom island. While the mushroom island isn't very large, it makes up for it by being right in sight of a coastal village!

Finding a mushroom island seed for Minecraft Xbox 360 is already extremely rare, but to find one with a village right in sight of that biome is pretty much unheard of. This is one of the most exciting and rarest Minecraft seeds in this collection, even if it's not the seed of choice for all players. This Minecraft Xbox 360 seed deserves to be at the top of list purely from a rarity standpoint.

Minecraft Xbox 360 village seed at spawn

Minecraft Xbox 360 seed village at spawn water desert savanna.jpg

This Xbox 360 Minecraft seed begins with players starting on a peninsula with a large village right behind them. The village is embedded into the side of a hill and looks pretty cool. There's also a blacksmith with some basic iron gear. There are a few farms which can give a good supply of food for survival mode.

This is a fun place to create a base near the ocean with some villager companions. The village has a decent amount of villagers. There's plenty more exploring to be done in this seed for Xbox 360 Minecraft. It's a really cool Minecraft seed to try out.

Minecraft xbox 360 mountain seed with ocean village

Minecraft Xbox 360 mountain seed with village and ocean nearby.jpg

This is another really awesome Minecraft seed for Xbox 360. Players start off on the side of a large mountain with a wonderful view of a village and a very strange looking mountain. There are plenty more mountains to the left of the screenshot above as well.

The large Minecraft mountains in the screenshot are pretty cool and could be perfect for building some kind of castle, or tower, or whatever else. This is an excellent Minecraft mountain seed to get started with. There are plenty of epic mountains to be played with in this Minecraft Xbox 360 seed.

Minecraft Xbox 360 jungle seed with jungle islands

Minecraft Xbox 360 jungle seed with jungle islands.jpg

This is another fun Minecraft Xbox 360 seed where players start off with jungles to explore. There are quite a few jungle island as well which make interesting places to build. This is a perfect seed for anyone who wants a jungle seed as a blank canvas to create on. There's also plenty more to be found on this Minecraft seed for Xbox 360, but the jungle is a great starting point and for some players it's all they'll need or want.

Minecraft Xbox 360 snow seed with desert temple

Minecraft snow seed for Minecraft Xbox 360 TU 46.jpg

This is a great Minecraft Xbox 360 seed for snow. Players start right on the edge of an enormous snow biome. Out somewhere in the snow is a small patch of desert with a desert temple on it as well. It's a nice addition, players can collect some fun loot down in the desert temple if they're careful.

Other than that the snow biome covers almost half of the explorable map. There's also plenty of other biomes on the other half of the map if the snow gets old after a while. Overall though it's a fantastic Minecraft Xbox 360 snow seed.

Minecraft Xbox 360 witch hut seed with very small swamp

Minecraft Xbox 360 witch hut seed by start.jpg

This is a really funny seed for Xbox 360 Minecraft where players start off relatively close to a swamp that has a witch hut in it. The swamp itself is extremely small, which makes the witch hut in it even more rare.

This whole Minecraft seed has random small chunks of biomes mixed together for some reason. It's an interesting place to explore, I'm sure there are other parts of this seed that are more interesting than the witch hut just because of how the environments come together. It's a fun place to explore and one of the excellent Minecraft Xbox 360 seeds.