Minecraft Xbox 360 mountain seed TU 46 with ocean village

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Minecraft Xbox 360 mountain seed with village and ocean nearby.jpg

This is another really fun Xbox 360 Minecraft seed. This one has a lot of mountains, and very large ones at that. There's also a village near the ocean to explore pretty close to the starting point of the seed. Overall another great xbox 360 seed to play on.

The seed is: 1468537799063128

The village is found at x-180 z360. The village is pretty large actually, which is fun. The mountains are huge and there are a lot of them just out of view to the left in the screenshot above. There are also the very strange looking ones in the screenshot which are extremely interesting. They might make a fantastic place to build some epic Minecraft building, tower, castle, or whatever.

Another fantastic Minecraft seed, this time for mountains. There's also plenty else to explore in the constraints of this map. While the starting place is cool, there's probably plenty more to be seen in the rest of his seed for Minecraft.