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This list has cool 1.9 Minecraft village seeds to try out. These Minecraft 1.9 seeds have been tested and are confirmed to work with the 1.9 version of Minecraft. Most of these seeds should work on Minecraft 1.8.8 and many more versions before that as well.

There have been many gigantic changes to Minecraft 1.9. Some of the changes include the addition of dual wielding, end cities, and more strongholds just to name a few. This is one of the most interesting patches for Minecraft yet. There are plenty of new things to discover, especially the brand new igloos, check out Minecraft 1.9 seeds for more than just villages.

Minecraft 1.9 village seeds

1.9 Water village seed by a taiga and in a lake

Minecraft 1.9 village seed at spawn water village seed plenty of farms by taiga.jpg

This is one of the most interesting Minecraft 1.9 village seeds. Players start off right in the big Minecraft village seed 1.9 seen above. This village is right beside a taiga, and somewhat near a hilly area as well. There is no blacksmith in the village, but it's still a very cool 1.9 Minecraft village seed. It will take some work to turn this village seed into a paradise, but it's got a lot of potential. There is also plenty of farmland to work with, definitely a great Minecraft 1.9 village seed.

1.9 Minecraft village seed with fissure ripping right through the center

Minecraft 1.9 fissure village seed with horses and swampland.jpg

In this Minecraft 1.9 village seed players start right next to a gigantic village. The best part about this village seed is the massive fissure ripping right through the center of the village. Many of the 1.9 Minecraft houses are unnaturally tall because of the fissure messing with them. The stone foundation of the houses extends all the way to the bottom of the fissure, as does the dirt foundation of the farm. This is a really fun village seed to start with, and the fissure has plenty of iron and coal to get started with as well. There's also a swampland across the river from the village. Definitely another interesting 1.9 village seed.

1.9 Giant Minecraft village seed with desert temple built in and three diamonds

Minecraft 1.9 mega village seed with desert temple built in.jpg

This is one of the best Minecraft seeds for 1.9 villages. This place is huge, the only down-side is that it's in the desert, which in a way it's also the upside. There's a desert temple built into the village, and between the blacksmith and the desert temple there are three diamonds, a golden apple, enchanting books, and a saddle. That's not to mention the countless other common resources. This is a fantastic Minecraft 1.9 village seed for diamonds.

There are other environments nearby to explore as well, and to go get some tree saplings and seeds from. There are savannas and plains nearby. The best part about this 1.9 village seed is that the village is less than 100 blocks north of the starting point. This is a great 1.9 Minecraft village seed to play around on.

1.9 Minecraft horse taming seed with village and desert temple

Minecraft horse taming seed 1.9 by mesa and jungle.jpg

This is an awesome Minecraft 1.9 village seed for taming horses. There are horses all over the spawn point and a village nearby right across the river. The village has a diamond, and some other useful resources. There's a desert temple on the other side of the small desert that has two saddles in it, which are perfect for taming some of those horses. The village is medium sized and has an interesting cavern beneath it that doesn't really lead anywhere. This 1.9 Minecraft village seed is right next to a mesa and jungle as well, which makes it quite a diverse 1.9 village seed for Minecraft.

1.9 Beautiful birch forest village seed

Minecraft village seed 1.9 by big beautiful birch forest.jpg

The best parts about this Minecraft 1.9 village seed is that there's a beautiful birch forest view from the village. The village itself has a church, library, and blacksmith. There's nothing special in the blacksmith, just some saplings and food basically. There's a lava pool right next to the village which could potentially be used to create a nether portal. This is a unique 1.9 Minecraft village seed with a massive birch forest. It's a nice 1.9 village seed for Minecraft.

1.9 Tiny Minecraft village seed with birch forest and blacksmith

Small Minecraft village seed with blacksmith by birch forest with sheep.jpg

This Minecraft village seed 1.9 is pretty cool. Players start near a one house, blacksmith village seed with a saddle, iron armor, and a few other basic goods. There are tons of sheep around, but unfortunately no horses. The best part about this Minecraft village is the size of the village. It's neat sometimes to start with the smallest village possible. The area is also pretty nice, there are plenty of fun terrain features to check out, from the savanna hills, to the birch forest, to the extreme hills. Another one of the great 1.9 seeds for Minecraft.

1.9 Minecraft village seed by mountains and forests

1.9 Minecraft village seed with blacksmith by mountains and forest.jpg

This is another Minecraft 1.9 village seed to try out. There's a medium sized village right at the spawn for players to go to. The village has a blacksmith, but the only special items are some iron armor and a diamond horse armor set. There are mountains nearby that are pretty fun to explore and all around players can find plenty of forests. This is a pretty nice 1.9 village seed for Minecraft.