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This is another page dedicated to Minecraft village seeds. All of these Minecraft seeds will work with the 1.8.7 PC version. Most Minecraft seeds work on all versions 1.7+, but not 100% of the time. All the villages on this village seed list have been tested to see if they work for the 1.8.7 Minecraft PC version.

Minecraft villages in 1.8.7 haven't changed at all from the previous versions. Minecraft 1.8.5 - 1.8.7 were server security updates for the most part. Some villages from 1.7 - 1.7.10 might not work on 1.8+ but they very often work anyway.

Minecraft 1.8.7 village seeds by date

1.8.7 Cool 1.8.7 village seed with two temples and 6 diamonds

Minecraft 1.8.7 village seed with two of everything great good awesome 1.8.7 Minecraft seed.jpg

This is one of the best Minecraft seeds of 1.8.7 with two villages and two temples. There are also six diamonds, one saddle, and a diamond horse armor in one of the temples. Players can also find a variety of enchanting books in the other neat Minecraft temple.

This is one of the coolest Minecraft 1.8.7 village seeds. Players will really enjoy how close the first village is to the starting point. On top of that, this cool Minecraft 1.8.7 seed has animals littered all around that first village. This is a great place to have a relaxing start to any survival game. Definitely one of the coolest Minecraft village seeds out there.

1.8.7 Village seed with mountain background and oceanside view

Minecraft village seed 1.8.7 butcher blacksmith taiga moutnains village by ocean.jpg

Here's another fun 1.8.7 Minecraft village seed to try out. This one puts players next to a cave with some animals. It's a neat start, but off in the distance is a village that's pinched between a mountain and an ocean. It's a pretty unique setup for a village.

Players can easily extend out in the mountains or travel out to sea in search of ocean monument gold. There are plenty of choices of where to go from here on this village seed.

The village is actually pretty huge. There's a butcher in this village, and even a blacksmith. Unfortunately for everyone, the blacksmith only has apples and an iron chestplate. The chestplate is nice for exploration, but sadly there's nothing more than that. Even then this is still a pretty cool looking 1.8.7 Minecraft seed to try out. There are tons of fun adventures to find in this epic village seed.

1.8.7 Awesome double village seed 1.8.7 with two temples as well

Minecraft 1.8.4 desert village seed with 1.8.4 desert temple 3 diamonds with saddle and diamond horse armor.jpg

Here's another awesome 1.8.7 village seed for Minecraft with two villages and two temples. There's a really wide river flowing next to the temple, which is really neat. Players can find all sorts of goodies in the temple, and then come back and use them near the villages. There are a lot of fun adventures to have with these two Minecraft villages.

The first of the two villages can be found really close to the spawn. There are a lot of biomes converging right by this first village, including savanna and desert. This first village is actually pretty massive.

As for the temples, they're off a little ways into the desert, but not too far. These 1.8.7 temples have 3 diamonds and a saddle, which is a great start. Three diamonds are enough to make a diamond pickaxe, which can be used to mine obsidian. Obsidian can be used to make nether portals, making this one of the greatest 1.8.7 nether seeds for Minecraft.

1.8.7 Cool Minecraft village seed with big blacksmith and +6 attack damage sword

Minecraft village 1.8.7 seed 2 diamonds and 6 attack damage iron sword in plains by desert.jpg

This 1.8.7 Minecraft village seed has a really cool blacksmith in an even cooler village. The blacksmith is really tall, and contains two diamonds, a +6 attack damage sword, an iron helmet, and more.

The village is pretty near to the start, but is to the north east. There's a wheat farm there, so players don't have to worry about food. There are deserts and savanna nearby to explore. The village near the start isn't the only village nearby, it's only the closest of many. This 1.8.7 village makes for a really awesome Minecraft seed.

1.8.7 Cool Minecraft village seed with caves and mountains

Minecraft 1.8.7 village seed with tall blacksmith, forest, mountains, caves, plains, grasslands, and more.jpg

Here's another village seed for having fun. This cool Minecraft 1.8.7 seed has a really big village with another really tall blacksmith for some reason. The blacksmith has an iron sword, and some other minor items to collect.

There are some really neat natural caves right near the village. Players can also find a mountain biome nearby. There are plenty of giant mushrooms to use for food if players get desperate. The roofed forest biome has plenty of wood to use. Players have plenty of resources to use and discover on this cool Minecraft seed.

1.8.7 Cave village seed with two big houses

Minecraft 1.8.7 cave village seed multi biome fun.jpg

This Minecraft 1.8.7 village seed is much less social than the others. There are only two giant Minecraft houses, one of which looks extra cool.

There's actually a private cave system under the well. This is basically a 1.8.7 luxury Minecraft manor for a king. This village seed is a little lonely feeling, but that's also kind of what makes it appealing.

There's also a big mountain beside the village, so it's kind of like a mountain village seed too. There are plenty of different biomes all around the village to choose an adventure from. Also there are plenty of sheep near the start of this awesome Minecraft seed.