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This Minecraft seeds page is for all Minecraft 1.8.1 village seeds. These seeds should be compatible with any Minecraft version 1.7 or higher. If these seeds work in 1.8.1 they usually work in any of the versions after the world generator got updated.

Minecraft Village Seeds

There are a few different ways to classify and organize village seeds. First there's classification by number of villages nearby. As long as the villages are within ~500 blocks of each other and no further than ~1,000 blocks from the initial spawn point, then every village is a good way to classify it. Also some villages have blacksmith's, other's don't, which is another decent way to differentiate village seeds.

Another important factor for organizing multiple Minecraft village seeds are the nearby biomes. If a village spawns right next to a jungle, it then becomes a Minecraft jungle temple seed. Another thought to consider is what if there's a village on the edge of a, say, grassland biome which is directly adjacent to a jungle temple which happens to be on the edge of the jungle biome. In an extreme case like this the village becomes a Minecraft jungle temple village seed instead.

Village seeds by date

1.8.1 Minecraft village seed 1.8.1: lonely hermit village

This guy lives all alone, one thousand blocks away from spawn. He tends to his one field all year and drinks from the well. Maybe someday he'll find love and build a village.

1.8.1 Minecraft tundra village seed 1.8.1 with a stronghold nearby

This village is really neat. It has an entrance from one side which is a beautiful path carved through two mountains in the middle of a tundra.

1.8.1 Cool savanna village seed for 1.8.1

This is a neat village seed where players spawn fairly close to a savanna village. This village also has a saddle in it which makes it a potential horse taming village.

1.8.1 Minecraft village seed 1.8.1 with horses

This one's a village seed with some horses nearby and some sheep.

1.8.1 Minecraft village seed 1.8.1 with self-contained skeleton archer spawners

This village seed players get to find monster spawners everywhere around a creepy village.

1.8.1 Minecraft five diamond village seed 1.8.1

On this village players spawn directly next to a desert village with 5 diamonds and plenty of animals nearby for food.

1.8.1 Minecraft four diamond village with desert temple built in

This village is a really good one. There's a desert temple built into the village and it comes with four diamonds. Check this seed out for sure.

1.8.1 Spawn at a deep forest village

This village seed spawns players right beside a deep forest village. It's surrounded on almost all sides by giant mushrooms and thick trees.

1.8.1 Perfect, generic, grasslands village seed

This village seed is so perfect for players who just want something generic. The village is naturally huge and has a blacksmith too.

1.8.1 Extreme hills village seed with three villages total

This village is crazy! it has three+ villages and the main one is right by extreme hills, making this an extreme hills village seed.