Minecraft Village Seeds 1.7.10

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Generic grass village.png

Looking for a village seed for Minecraft 1.7.10? This is the list of Minecraft seeds tested for 1.7.10 that include villages. There's a bunch of interesting ones in this list so be sure to check them out.

Sometimes there's tri-biome splits and intersections and all sorts of goodies. There's villages in deep forests, deformed hill villages, villages bordering mesa's, and lots more. Find a favorite village seed for Minecraft 1.7.10 and give it play-through.

The newest 1.7.10 village seeds are here. The images are from actual seeds. The images on this page might not always line up with the seed they describe.

Minecraft 1.7.10 village seeds by date

1.7.10+ Savanna village seed with natural zombie attacks

This is a fun village seed for 1.7 - 1.8.2+ where players spawn near a savanna village. There are holes everywhere in the ground that lead to dungeons. Zombies pour out into the village even during the day.

1.7.10 Tiny village with house and blacksmith

On this Minecraft village seed, players start off by a village which is located between a deep forest and a swampland. There's a small river curving around the village, and a small mountain out of nowhere across the river.

This new Minecraft village seed has an awesome village in between a swampland biome and a deep forest biome.

Mesa jungle swamp village seed

1.7.10 Mesa jungle swampland village seed 1.7.10

Mesa Swampland Jungle village seed. The village is completely surrounded by three different biomes. It's a small patch of plains in the middle of three biomes converging on this Minecraft village seed.

1.7.10 Mountain village seed 1.7+

There are mountains everywhere in this village seed. On the way to the village there's plenty of cool things to see.

1.7.10 Savanna Mountain village seed 1.7.10

This Minecraft seed spawns players near a village which is directly next to a mountain and a desert. It's one of those seed spawns where biomes converge. There's probably more biomes to be found than just this.

1.7.10 Suicidal desert villagers seed

In this village seed, villagers slowly push each other off of a small ledge for fall damage until most villagers die.

1.7.10 Stretched village by deep forest and extreme hills

On this seed the spawn point is right around the tri-section of a grasslands biome, desert biome, and savanna biome. On top of that there are extreme hills biomes on the way to the village and some of them are awesome to just look at.

1.7.10 Cool village seed, spawn at grassland savanna village

This village seed spawns players on the border of a savanna and a plains. The village is in the plains but only a few blocks away from the savanna.

1.7.10 Horse lovers dream village seed

This seed is an awesome seed for taming Minecraft horses. The village has one saddle, one diamond horse armor, and one diamond. On top of that there's a lava pit under two of the houses that can catch both of them on fire. Overall this is a fun horse taming seed.