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Big Minecraft village from a 1.8.8 seed

This Minecraft seeds page is dedicated to all the village seeds on the site.

Minecraft village seeds are the best type of seeds to start with when playing with the world generator. It's possible to find a village that's right next to any biome in the game, even giant mushroom islands. There's actually a surprising number of village seeds for Minecraft, this archive has an ever-growing number of seeds to refer to.

When generating Minecraft maps, good village seeds are only created less than 5% of the time. Amazing things can happen on village seeds, like the Hot cold village seed with a village by the intersection of plains, taiga, and mesa. The snowy taiga biome in this seed is actually up against the mesa seed with a teeny strip of river and desert between them.

Villages can only spawn in three biome types: desert, plains, and savanna. It's possible for a village to spawn right outside of any biome in the game though. There are such things as extreme hills villages and jungle villages, in a sense. One thing that's actually real are Minecraft island villages, and they're super awesome.

There are more villages added all the time. Favorite/bookmark/etc. this page and check back for more Minecraft village seeds!

Below are links to more lists based on version number and a few examples. Usually these village seeds will work on any of the other versions 1.7 - 1.10 but it's not guaranteed to be the same.

Best Minecraft village seeds of all time

Best island village ever with FIFTEEN diamonds

Minecraft island village seed 1.8.3 with desert island and big church dungeons diamonds.jpg

Hands down one of the best Minecraft village seeds because it's right near the spawn, has a dungeon for 15 diamonds, has two ocean monuments, and plenty more dungeons to explore for resources. This is the great village seed of 1.8.2 and plenty of other versions that it works on too. There's just something about having an island village seed that's interesting. This definitely qualifies as one of the best Minecraft seeds

Perfect desert temple village seed

Minecraft desert village with temple built in cool fun awesome epic amazing interesting.jpg

This seed has one diamond, three saddles, and a village with a desert temple perfectly built in. It's great because for once it looks like a natural part of the village. The other desert temple isn't very far away from the village in this seed, which makes it a really neat place to live. Overall this is a really cool desert seed.

Extreme hills village seed with three villages total

Minecraft village seed three villages 1.8.3 and more versions desert grass mountains.jpg

This Minecraft village seed is epic. Players start by a village on the edge of extreme hills, then two more villages are across the desert. The two further villages are really close to each other, almost in eye sight. Rumor has it there's a fourth village and even a desert temple nearby.

Two diamond, Three village seed with 2 temples

Minecraft village seed animals horses pigs fissures big village cool plains desert flower forest.jpg

Awesome Village seed for 1.8.2 with three Minecraft villages to explore along with two desert temples and even two diamonds at the spawn. The first village in this epic seed is right at spawn with fissures by the village and a crater by the village as well. Overall it's an epic Minecraft seed to use.

Mesa taiga village seed 1.8.2

Minecraft village seed taiga mesa hot cold village with plains village church blacksmith butcher.jpg

This is one of the best Minecraft village seeds in the game. Players start facing a taiga, and if they turn around there's a village with a saddle bordering a mesa too. Plenty of other biomes to explore on this one as well. There's some extreme hills nearby, a lake, more plains, and much more. This is a really awesome Minecraft village seed.

Perfect, generic, grasslands village seed

Minecraft village seed perfect cool best generic grasslands village 1.8.1 1.8.2 1.8.3 Minecraft.jpg

This village seed is so perfect for players who just want something generic. The village is naturally huge and has a blacksmith too. This is one of the best Minecraft village seeds ever as far as generic villages go. There's not much else to explore on this village seed however, it's just a perfect plains village at the starting location.

This is just the beginning. Check out the full list of best Minecraft seeds for more epic Minecraft village seeds.

Minecraft village seed by version number

This page does not contain all the village seeds for each version. Here are a few good examples, the title for the version leads to the page with all the Minecraft village seeds for that version.

Minecraft village seed list - 1.12.1


Below are three examples from the Minecraft 1.12.1 village seeds list

1.12.1 Minecraft snow village seed

Minecraft 1.12.1 snow village seed by mountains.jpg

This is a pretty neat Minecraft 1.12.1 village seed where players start off near a village that's right on the border of a snowy environment. Villages cannot be placed in snow covered areas, so this is as close as anyone is going to get to that.

There are also a series of mountains right nearby as well. Between the snow and the mountains there's a ton of exploration to be done in this Minecraft village seed. There's also access to water and the village is fairly large with plenty of food to be used for the exploration.

1.12.1 Minecraft floating island village seed

Minecraft 1.12.1 big village seed with floating lake island.jpg

This is a unique Minecraft village seed for sure. Player start right near the village. The village is pretty basic and is really hilly, with little nooks and crannies everywhere.

The best part about the village is that right nearby is a lake with an awesome floating island above it. It almost looks as though the floating island belongs there, as opposed to just being a glitch. There's a lot of potential for making the village connect to the island. From there, the island could be turned into a lot of different things, from a floating castle, a lookout tower, or who knows what else.

1.12.1 generic grassland village seed for Minecraft

Generic Minecraft 1.12.1 plains village seed.jpg

This is a good generic Minecraft village seed to play with. For those who are looking for something less fancy and more generic, look no further. This place is great for anyone wanting to practice their village expansion skills, or simply want a quiet place to relax and build.

There's a swamp nearby, but not much else. The village is right where players start, so there's no searching required. There's no blacksmith, but this seed makes up for it in how generic and simple it is. This village is definitely for the faint of heart, those wanting the most basic Minecraft 1.12.1 village seed experience.

Minecraft village seed list - 1.11.2


Below are three example seeds from the full 1.11.2 village seed list

1.11.2 Minecraft water village seed on a lake

Minecraft 1.11.2 water village seed on lake.jpg

This is a really fun Minecraft village seed to play on. Players start off about one hundred blocks to the east of a village almost entirely on the water. Just travel west from the starting point and the village will be found in no time.

The village is medium sized, but it's definitely cool. It's very rare to find a 1.11.2 Minecraft village seed mostly on top of water like this. It's cool to see what basically looks like a Minecraft fishing village. With a little imagination, villages like this can be some of the coolest village seeds for Minecraft.

1.11.2 Minecraft woodland mansion seed with a village

Minecraft 1.11.2 woodland mansion seed nearby.jpg

Minecraft woodland mansion seeds are probably the rarest seeds in all of Minecraft. These gems are rarely found even remotely close to the starting point of any seed.

On this Minecraft seed players start moderately close to a village. From there the woodland mansion is only a few hundred blocks away. There are also cartographers in the village for players who want to go that route for finding the woodland mansion.

These randomly generated structures are huge! They also have a lot of cool items in them. Although adventurers beware! There are a lot of enemies and traps hidden throughout the woodland mansion.

This type of seed is extremely rare, but also extremely rewarding and fun. This is one of the most interesting Minecraft 1.11.2 seeds yet.

1.11.2 Double village seed for Minecraft in sight of each other

Minecraft 1.11.2 double village seed in view of eachother.jpg

This is another one of those exciting village seeds for Minecraft where players start right in a village with another village so nearby that they can both be seen in the screen at once from a distance.

This is also another 3 diamond village where players can find 3 diamonds between both villages. The reason for this being so important is then players can make a diamond pickaxe with much work. These pickaxes are required in order to mine obsidian blocks and make an nether world portal.

With villages as nearby as these two, players could have a lot of creative fun connecting the two villages. Maybe a trans-village railroad would suffice, or perhaps an adventurous players would want to connect the two villages by expanding them towards each other and making a mega Minecraft city! This is another great Minecraft 1.11.2 village seed to try out.

Minecraft village seed list - 1.9


Examples from the full 1.9 village list.

1.9 Minecraft horse taming village seed with jungle, mesa, and desert temple

Minecraft horse taming seed 1.9 by mesa and jungle.jpg

This is an interesting Minecraft village seed. Players start off by a bunch of horses between a jungle, mesa, and village across the river. The village in this seed is on the edge of a small desert. On the far side of that desert is a desert temple which has two saddles for the horses. This is a perfect horse taming seed because of this. The village has a blacksmith that has a diamond, and some other common loot as well. As for the jungle and the mesa, they're in view of the village which create quite the spectacular view. This is a pretty awesome Minecraft 1.9 village seed to play on.

1.9 Minecraft village seed with fissure running through the middle

Minecraft 1.9 fissure village seed with horses and swampland.jpg

This is a really interesting Minecraft village seed. Players start right next to a fairly massive village seed with a huge fissure running through the middle of it. Many of the Minecraft houses are messed up because of the fissure with their foundations running all the way to the bottom of it. Even the farm is part of the mess.

Other than the fissure there's a swampland across the river from the village. This swampland has both types of mushrooms, which can be used as a food source or to grow giant mushrooms. There's also a witches hut not too far into the swamp.

1.9 Beautiful birch forest Minecraft village seed

Minecraft village seed 1.9 by big beautiful birch forest.jpg

Players start right next to a medium sized village almost surrounded by birch forest. The view from this village is really nice. There's also a small lava pool near the village which can be used to make a nether portal. This is a really nice village to build in because of the way the birch forest looks. It really makes for a picture perfect place to live in Minecraft. This is a nice looking 1.9 Minecraft village seed.

Minecraft village seed list - 1.8.8


Examples from the full 1.8.8 village list.

1.8.8 Awesome Minecraft seed with hilly village

Beautiful Minecraft village seed with awesome village layout.jpg

This is a fantastic example from the 1.8.8 village seed list. This cool Minecraft seed has a huge village with some pretty wacky terrain. The blacksmith is up on the hill, the whole town progresses up towards the mountain. There's also exposed coal up in the mountains right beside the village.

The best part is that the starting point for this Minecraft village seed is right in the village itself. There's a small river running by the village, as well as some flower forest. There should be desert in the direction of the flower forest. The desert should have even more villages in it. None of those villages matter nearly as much as this first one, it's a very fun looking Minecraft village to play with.

1.8.8 Buried blacksmith village seed with ocean view and private lake

Cool Minecraft 1.8.8 seed with awesome village and buried blacksmith.jpg

This is like a beach-side resort of a Minecraft village seed. There's a private lake, an ocean view, a buried blacksmith, and even a natural cobblestone quarry. This village seed seems like it has it all. This one probably even works as one of the Minecraft 1.9 seeds as well. The only downside is the bread in the blacksmith. Be careful getting into the blacksmith, there are holes and fissures nearby, one of which is on the backside of the buried blacksmith.

There are many different reasons to choose one village over another, and this cool Minecraft seed has it's own neat appeal to it. Aside from the buried blacksmith, the village itself is pretty big. There's a hill that village is placed on, with the village going uphill. There's a private forest on the side of the lake, and plenty more on this cool Minecraft village seed.

1.8.8 Tiny Minecraft village in roofed forest opening

Small Minecraft village seed 1.8.8 with farm and private lake.jpg

This is one of the great Minecraft village seeds for players who use them for the wheat farm. This village has one house, and one farm, which is easily enough to live on. Being backed into a corner, deep inside a forest, it might be necessary for survival one would think. In reality there are some animals lurking in the forests.

Speaking of forest, be careful. The roofed forests are extremely dangerous because creepers, zombies, archers, and more can spawn in the forests during the day. Be especially mindful of the forest during the night, and be quick to build some defenses to the village, as this is one of the most dangerous places to live. This is a great challenge seed for anyone up to it. There's also an exit from the forest over on one side, leading out to desert. This is an interesting 1.8.8 Minecraft village seed.

Minecraft village seed list - 1.8.7


Examples from the full 1.8.7 village list.

1.8.7 Minecraft village seed with two cool villages and some enchanting book temples

Minecraft 1.8.7 village seed with two of everything great good awesome 1.8.7 Minecraft seed.jpg

This is another great 1.8.7 village seed to explore. Players find themselves near a village with a bunch of animals around it. This village doesn't really have anything to vital inside other than an unrealistic amount of obsidian. It's actually really odd how much obsidian is in this first village.

Other than that players can find various enchanting books in the temples and plenty more villages out in the desert. This is a really good Minecraft seed with lots of different naturally generated structures to explore. Starting with all this unique stuff is much better than starting with nothing but a forest.

1.8.7 Awesome big village seed by mountains and giant mushrooms

Minecraft 1.8.7 village seed with tall blacksmith, forest, mountains, caves, plains, grasslands, and more.jpg

This is another really fun Minecraft village seed for 1.8.7 where players start right next to a big village. The village is pretty cool, but the blacksmith is even cooler. For some reason the blacksmith's house is really tall. Other than that, it contains an iron sword and some more minor items.

Players can also find a big roofed forest with giant mushrooms directly next to the village. Luckily this is only a small patch of roofed forest since monsters can spawn in them during the day. Players need to be careful when exploring the forest for mushroom food.

There's also a big mountain off in the distance. If players feel like traveling, then they can go explore the mountain biome. If not, players can also explore the caves that are directly next to the village. There are two big open caves right next to the village which should contain some resources for players to use. All of this combined makes this a really awesome Minecraft village seed to use.

1.8.7 Oceanside Minecraft village with snowy mountains

Minecraft village seed 1.8.7 butcher blacksmith taiga moutnains village by ocean.jpg

This time players find themselves a small distance away from an ocean village. In other words, a village right next to the ocean. This village is fairly big, but the main point of interest are the biomes. There is a blacksmith in this village; however, it only contains apples and an iron chestplate.

There are some natural floating sky pillars nearby, which are extremely interesting. With some creative work players could build a sky bridge between some of these naturally generated wonders. This 1.8.7 village is just somewhat magical feeling. There's something about the way that the biomes come together that make this village seed extra special.

Minecraft village seed list - 1.8.4


Examples from the full 1.8.4 village list

1.8.4 Minecraft 1.8.4 village seed with enchanting books

Minecraft 1.8.4 enchanting seed with two villages and temples.jpg

This is another great Minecraft village seed with a ton of enchanting. Right at the seed spawn players find a big desert temple behind them with three diamonds, a saddle, and an enchanting book. Off a little ways is another village, with another village further on, and another desert temple.

The second desert temple is exceptionally rare because it has even more enchanting books. In total players can find three enchanting books, one of which gives efficiency! This is a wonderful Minecraft 1.8.4 seed with tons of fun things to find. All of the villages and temples are fairly close to the initial spawn, which makes this seed that much better.

1.8.4 Minecraft diamond village seed with temples

Minecraft 1.8.4 desert village seed with 1.8.4 desert temple 3 diamonds with saddle and diamond horse armor.jpg

This is another glorious Minecraft 1.8.4 seed with a savanna village at the seed spawn. This savanna biome is scrunched between a plains biome and a desert biome. Out in the desert is a river that pools up into a fat part with a desert temple and a village right there. The village doesn't have a blacksmith, but the desert temple has three diamonds, one diamond horse armor, and even one saddle. If players can manage to find horses or donkeys, then this is the perfect horse taming village seed.

There's actually a second desert temple out in the desert too, which adds to the coolness of this Minecraft seed. Between all these buildings there's a lot to do, and this Minecraft seed is extra diverse in biomes. The seed spawn is at the split between plains, savanna, and desert. This is a really fun Minecraft seed for players to try building on.

1.8.4 Giant village seed with broken temple

Minecraft 1.8.4 village house seed with desert temple house villagers broken funny best cool amazing.jpg

This is another interesting Minecraft village seed, which is what makes it noteworthy. This Minecraft 1.8.4 seed spawns players on the edge of a snowy taiga hills biome, with a river in front of them. Right across this river is a desert, with a village out in it. This is no ordinary village, it's a desert temple village.

As seen in the picture above, the desert temple only has the top sticking out; however, that top is buried in the village. One house has part of the desert temple inside of it, and another is hiding the entire top entrance of the temple. That big Minecraft house is actually perfect for creating a secret entrance into the desert temple. This one's a really funny Minecraft village seed.

1.8.4 Best Minecraft 1.8.4 seed: three villages in sight

Cool Minecraft seed 1.8.3 three in sight villages, diamonds, desert temple seeds.png

This one's one of the best Minecraft seeds. This particular village seed has three villages, all in sight of each other with the block render range high enough. That's not even the best part, they're all gigantic villages on top of them being in sight of each other. Some of them have blacksmiths.

Two of these awesome Minecraft villages are desert villages, with one being a savanna village. As for the initial seed spawn, it's not very far at all from the first of the three villages. If all of that's not good enough reason to give this seed ago, there are also two desert temples, and between all the naturally generated Minecraft structures, there are three diamonds. This is one of the most interesting and cool Minecraft seeds ever.

Minecraft village seed list - 1.8.3


Examples from the full 1.8.3 village list

1.8.3 Two Minecraft villages in plain sight of each other

Minecraft village seed 1.8.3 two village in sight forest plains biome spawn diamonds.jpg

This epic Minecraft village seed starts players off in a bed of plains biome. Right in plain sight should be the first of the two villages. Both villages have a blacksmith, but the first one has two diamonds. Between both of them is a fair amount of iron armor, and even some obsidian.

The best part about this cool Minecraft village seed is that both villages are so close they can be seen in the same shot. This is a really neat double Minecraft village seed and should provide a lot of fun.

1.8.3 Minecraft village seed with swampland by the village

Minecraft swamp village seed 1.8.3 with cows fissure village horses second village two.jpg

This cool Minecraft seed has a village right at the spawn. That's not all though, there's a swampland right by this first village as well. Out in the swamp is a witches hut, which usually aren't very interesting, but it's something.

There's actually a second village on this Minecraft 1.8.3 village seed as well. The second one is out it the plains and forests and is surrounded by horses. Unfortunately the second village does not have a blacksmith, and neither has a saddle. There's probably a saddle out there somewhere, just not in the villages.

1.8.3 Beautiful Minecraft village seed with flower forest nearby

Minecraft village seed with flower forest 1.8.3 lakes and forest as well taiga blacksmith saddle.jpg

This beautiful Minecraft village seed starts players off in a forest. Right outside of the forest is a village in the plains. Right next to this plains village is a small section of flower forest biome, which are fairly rare. These biomes were just added in Minecraft 1.8.

There's actually a second village on this Minecraft village seed as well. The second one is almost in sight of the first one, it's over by the small section of taiga spruce trees. The second village is super small, but it does have a blacksmith. Luckily this village blacksmith has a saddle, so if there are any horses nearby they're officially tamable.

1.8.3 Double Minecraft 1.8.3 village seed with blacksmiths

Minecraft village seed 1.8.3 two vilages horses fissure villages forest village water rivers lake.jpg

This is one super cool Minecraft village seed. This one has two Minecraft villages in plain sight of each other. The one village is exceptionally interesting, it's actually up on a hill surrounded by forest biome. The other village is right down the hill and out on the plains section. Both villages are super neat, but their proximity to one another is the best part about this Minecraft village seed.

1.8.3 Cool Minecraft village seed with stronghold nearby

1 Minecraft 1.8.3 village seed with taiga mesa and forests.jpg

This is a fun Minecraft village seed that starts players off right by a NPC village. This village is all by itself in a big open plains biome. Other than that there are some forests and taiga hills nearby. There's actually a stronghold under the ground nearby, which gives this Minecraft NPC village seed some serious end-game potential.

Minecraft village seed list - 1.8.2


Examples from the full 1.8.2 village list:

1.8.2 Village seed with three diamonds

Minecraft village seeds tiny village by mountains and roofed forest mushrooms villagers.jpg

This Minecraft 1.8.2 village seed is really interesting. The starting location is in a roofed forest with a tiny village nearby. While this village may be small in stature, it makes up for it in diamonds, there are three diamonds in this village.

The village is right on the border of a plains biome and a roofed forest biome. There's a taiga hills biome nearby, basically just mountains. This is an interesting and diverse Minecraft village seed with a lot of exploring to do.

1.8.2 Temple village with saddle + horse armor

Minecraft plains desert village seed with desert temple nearby and savanna biomes.jpg

Diamond horse armor and a saddle await players in a temple village combo on this Minecraft seed for 1.8.2. The starting location is a little off by the savanna. The village should be right nearby with the desert temple in plain view. There's more to explore, but that's the main point to this awesome Minecraft 1.8.2 village seed.

1.8.2 Triple village seed with two diamonds and saddle

Minecraft village seed three villages desert moutnains awesome cool fun 1.8.2.jpg

This is a really fun Minecraft village seed. This Minecraft 1.8.2 seed gives players a triple village, but not all together. There are three villages and between everything there's two diamonds and one saddle. The villages aren't in sight of each other, but they're all pretty close. This is a really cool Minecraft 1.8.2 village seed to try out.

1.8.2 Mesa taiga village seed 1.8.2

Minecraft village seed taiga mesa hot cold village with plains village church blacksmith butcher.jpg

This is an awesome Minecraft village seed 1.8.2 to play. There are extreme hills, mesa, and even taiga near this village. The main appeal to this cool Minecraft seed is the mesa/taiga biome combination right beside the village itself. If that's not enough, the village even has a saddle. That makes this a good horse taming seed.

1.8.2 Perfect desert temple village seed

Minecraft desert village with temple built in cool fun awesome epic amazing interesting.jpg

Three saddles on this village seed and a desert temple designed into the village so seamlessly it looks like a village structure. This is a cool Minecraft village seed because the desert temple looks so naturally placed into the village. There's one single diamond to use on this Minecraft seed, but it's only enough for a shovel. Overall this is still a really good Minecraft seed.

Minecraft village seed list - 1.8.1


Examples from the full 1.8.1 village list:

1.8.1 Extreme hills village seed with three villages total

Minecraft village seed three villages 1.8.3 and more versions desert grass mountains.jpg

This village is crazy! it has three+ villages and the main one is right by extreme hills, making this an extreme hills village seed. There other two villages are basically in sight of each other, and there are plenty of other biomes to explore as well. There's a fourth village and even a desert temple, but they're sort of out of the way. This is a great Minecraft village seed with tons of adventuring to do.

1.8.1 Minecraft village seed 1.8.1: five diamond desert village

Minecraft village seed with buried desert temple and hole built into village.jpg

This is a small little desert village seed with a buried desert temple right beside the village. This desert temple has five diamonds. There's also a strange hole beside the village which leads into a cave-like catacomb system. There's savanna, plains, and desert nearby. This is a really great Minecraft village seed.

1.8.1 Minecraft tundra village seed 1.8.1 with a stronghold nearby

Minecraft village seed taiga mega taiga stronghold spruce trees water river lake plains villages.jpg

This 1.8.1 village is really neat. It has an entrance from one side which is a beautiful path carved through two mountains in the middle of a tundra. The village itself is really big. There's a stronghold over in the mountains which makes this a stronghold village seed.

There's tons of mega taiga biome with spruce trees everywhere. This little bit of plains biome is almost in the middle of nowhere compared to the surrounding biomes. It's a really unique Minecraft village seed.

1.8.1 Minecraft four diamond village with desert temple built in

Minecraft village seed with desert temple built in 1.8.1 and 1.8 with plains desert savanna diamonds.jpg

This village is a really good one. There's a desert temple built into the village and it comes with four diamonds. The best part about this Minecraft village seed is that the temple village combo is right at the starting location. There's a second desert temple out in the desert, and other biomes too. There's a swampland biome, desert, plains, and savanna biome. This is a really fun Minecraft village seed.

Minecraft Village seeds 1.7.10


Here are some examples from the full 1.7.10 village list:

1.7.10 Savanna Mountain village seed 1.7.10

Minecraft savanna village seed with savanna mountain there and sheep desert cool fun amazing.jpg

This Minecraft seed spawns players near a village which is directly next to a mountain and a desert. It's one of those seed spawns where biomes converge. There's probably more biomes to be found than just this. The savanna mountain makes this a really cool Minecraft village seed.

1.7.10 Suicidal desert villagers seed

Minecraft village seed in desert by plains and buried desert temple make fun Minecraft seed.jpg

In this village seed, villagers slowly push each other off of a small ledge for fall damage until most villagers die. It doesn't always work. Different Minecraft versions yield different results for this Minecraft village.

1.7.10 Stretched village by deep forest and extreme hills

Minecraft village seed by roofed forest and savanna mountain weird village strange fun cool interesting.jpg

On this seed the spawn point is right around the tri-section of a grasslands biome, desert biome, and savanna biome. On top of that there are extreme hills biomes on the way to the village and some of them are awesome to just look at.

1.7.10 Cool village seed, spawn at grassland savanna village

Minecraft village seed by plains desert moutnain roofed forest cool fun great good.jpg

This village seed spawns players on the border of a savanna and a plains. The village is in the plains but only a few blocks away from the savanna. There's a big hill nearby in the desert, and even a roofed forest biome a little ways out. It's a really beautiful village seed from the sky.

1.7.10 Horse lovers dream village seed

Minecraft horse taming seed village with lava diamonds and armor saddle cool.jpg

This seed is an awesome seed for taming Minecraft horses. The village has one saddle, one diamond horse armor, and one diamond. On top of that there's a lava pit under two of the houses that can catch both of them on fire. Overall this is a fun horse taming seed with a really cool village. It's not very far from the starting location either. The village is actually pretty huge, it's one of the best Minecraft seeds.