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This is a Minecraft seed page for listing all the Minecraft village seeds with two villages in them. Refer to the "multiple village seeds" section to the left to find village seeds with other numbers of villages in them.

Finding two Minecraft villages in one seed isn't all that uncommon actually. This page only refers to village seeds where both villages are relatively near each other. Nobody wants to fly over one thousand blocks in order to find the second village, that shouldn't be referred to as multiple villages. Preferably most of the village in this list will have two villages that are moderately nearby, less than 500 blocks at least.

Seeds by date

1/15/2015 - 1.8.2 Awesome double grass village seed for 1.8.2

Grasslands Minecraft village seed 1.8.2 forest river taiga island double villages plains.png

First village is right at the spawn. The next village is across some stone hills and forests and is much bigger, with water on two sides.

1/15/2015 - 1.8.2 Perfect dungeon crawling double village

Dungeon crawler village seed Minecraft 1.8.2 savanna desert village caves fissure sheep.png

A great double village where players spawn at a village with three iron chestplates and plenty of caves to lose them in. It's a great survival mode village seed to play.

1/18/2015 - 1.8.2 Double village seed with six diamonds and three temples

Double Minecraft village seed 1.8.2 flower forest mesa forest desert villages.png

Grasslands village at spawn with three diamonds. Three temples nearby and another village by one of them. These two villages are pretty close to one another and between all the structures the six diamonds are nice.

2/12/2015 - 1.8.2 Two Minecraft village seed, literally in view of each other

Two Minecraft villages in sight of eachother Minecraft 1.8.2 village seed plains taiga village by forest river pond lake.jpg

Another super awesome Minecraft village seed. This one's a double village and has two villages in sight of each other for once. This is truly a rare Minecraft village seed for Minecraft 1.8.2 because of these villages. There's also taiga nearby, as well as savanna, plains, forests, lakes, ponds, rivers, and even a stronghold.

3/2/2015 - 1.8.3 Two villages in sight with blacksmiths

Minecraft village seed 1.8.3 two vilages horses fissure villages forest village water rivers lake.jpg

That's right! There's two villages, at the spawn, in plain sight of each other, and both with blacksmiths. There aren't any spectacular items between either village, but there is some iron armor and such.

There are other biomes around and plenty of good scenery. This two Minecraft villages seed works for Minecraft 1.8.3, but should also work on plenty of other versions too, be sure to try it at least.

3/3/2015 - 1.8.3 Two village Minecraft 1.8.3 village seed with flower forest

Minecraft village seed with flower forest 1.8.3 lakes and forest as well taiga blacksmith saddle.jpg

This cool Minecraft village seed has a flower forest right next to the first of the two villages. There's even a lake with cool overhangs and other features. To make this seed even better, there are enough trees to build a million houses around this village.

As for the second village, it's pretty tiny. This second village pretty much only has a blacksmith; however, in that blacksmith players can find a saddle. These tools are prefect for taming wild horses, which can be very rewarding.

3/3/2015 - 1.8.3 Two village Minecraft 1.8.3 seed with witches hut and swampland

Minecraft swamp village seed 1.8.3 with cows fissure village horses second village two.jpg

A fun Minecraft 1.8.3 two village seed with swampland near the initial spawn point. There's plenty of forest biome as well, and even a witches hut deep in the swamp. Between both villages there's plenty to do, and the second village even has a ton of horses nearby. There are some stone hills, and mix matches plains-forest biomes everywhere. This is a really fun Minecraft 1.8.3 seed to enjoy with two villages.

3/3/2015 - 1.8.3 Double village seed with double diamonds


This plains village seed starts players off in plains by a village. The first village has two diamonds and is almost in plain sight of the second village. The second one has a blacksmith too and in it are 3 obsidian and some armor. In total there's 9 obsidian between both villages.

The second village has some craters nearby. These two craters should lead down into some basic caves which are great for collecting resources. Iron and coal are going to be important to sustain villages that are so close to one another.