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This page is a continuation of Minecraft taiga seeds.

1.8.4 Minecraft 1.8.4 ice spikes seed with cool river

Minecraft ice spikes seed 1.8.4 like a Minecraft elder scrolls wilderness.jpg

This is another great Minecraft ice spikes seed because this one has a cool river running through it. There's a river that makes an x shape, and right next to the cross-section is a really cool ice tower. There aren't very many of the tall spikes in this ice spikes seed. This ice spikes biome isn't very big either, but it does have a hill/mountain on one side.

Overall though it's a great Minecraft snow seed. There are other good snowy biomes nearby. Players start off inside of the ice spikes biome, but only right on the edge. Players aren't stuck to the ice spikes, there are other biomes to explore nearby as well.

1.9 Minecraft snow seed with ice spike plains

Minecraft snow seed 1.9 ice spike plains taiga.jpg

On this Minecraft 1.9 seed players start off right in a taiga. To the south players can find an ice spike plains, as pictured above. There's a very large and extensive taiga biome to explore on this awesome Minecraft snow seed.

1.8.8 Minecraft snowy forest seed with ice spike plains

Minecraft ice snow seed taiga 1.8.8 ice spike plains snowy forest.jpg

On this Minecraft seed players start off in a snowy forest biome. There is a big ice spike plains environment to the west south west with a bunch of ice spikes. Players start in the middle of a massive snowy environment that takes a very long time to get out of. This is a pretty cool Minecraft 1.8.8 snow seed to try out.

1.9 Minecraft igloo seed 1.9 to the north and west and one secret basement

Minecraft igloo seed 1.9 with two igloos and secret basement.jpg

This is a really exciting Minecraft 1.9 taiga seed. This is actually a 1.9 Minecraft igloo seed that has two different igloos. These are brand new to version 1.9 of Minecraft. An igloo has a bed, crafting table, redstone torch, and furnace in every single one. Some of the igloos have secret basements, and the one to the north of the starting point has one of these secret basements. Every secret basement has a storage chest with a golden apple and some golden nuggets. There's a brewing stand for making potions. The most interesting part about every igloo secret basement is the prisoner village and zombie villager. Minecraft 1.9 seeds for igloos are really interesting, and this is definitely one of the cool Minecraft seeds.

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