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A overhead screenshot of a Minecraft swampland biome

This is a Minecraft seeds page revolving around Minecraft swampland seeds. These biomes are the ones with plenty of water, lily pads, and swampy looking trees.

Swampland seeds can often contain dungeons on their sprawled out swamp islands, as well as witches huts. While witches huts don't have much purpose, they're really neat. Sometimes players will find witches huts and use them as a base to build a bigger house, or even a small city.

Swampland biomes can easily be noticed by their characteristic lily pads on the water. Also the trees in swamp biomes often have vines hanging down them which players can actually climb. Swamps consist of small islands with water everywhere. Mushrooms can often be found in swampland seeds and for some reason swamp islands often contain dungeon entrances.

There's something creepy and awesome about swamp seeds. There's plenty of monsters to find in a swamp, and lily pads make boating impossible unfortunately. Sometimes dungeons can connect distant swamp islands, or players can make the islands connected with tunnels if need be. Swamps are a good place to have some fun every once in a while.

Minecraft swampland seeds

1.7.10 - Mesa jungle village swampland seed 1.7.10

Mesa village swamp jungle temple.png

This Minecraft swampland village seed spawns players in a village surrounded by swamp, jungle, and mesa. There's also a jungle temple right by the village. This is one of the most interesting Minecraft swamp seeds because the swampland is right next to a village, mesa, and temple. Have fun exploring this super cool Minecraft swampland seed.

1.7.10 - One house village with blacksmith by swampland

Minecraft swampland seed 1.8.3 with village near swamp and roofed forest mushrooms.jpg

This Swampland village puts users right next to a small village with one house and a blacksmith. Right in plain sight of the village is the swampland biome. This Minecraft swampland seeds extends for a while, but the most interesting part is the tiny village next to the swamp. There are cows and even some stone hills nearby too. This is an interesting swamp seed.

1.8.3 - Minecraft swampland seed with village at spawn by swamp with witches hut

Minecraft 1.8.3 swampland seed with two villages horses and more.jpg

Another fun Minecraft 1.8.3 swamp seed, this one puts players right by a village with the swamp in plain sight. There's a second village, some horses, stone hills, and more.

As for the actual swamp, it's not super big, but it does have a witches hut. There's a taiga up north if the swamp gets old, and plenty of trees nearby to chop down for wood. Overall this is a pretty neat Minecraft 1.8.3 swampland seed.

1.8.3 - Minecraft 1.8.3 swampland seed with a witches hut right at the start

Minecraft 1.8.3 swampland seed with witches hut at spawn behind you.jpg

This is a cool Minecraft 1.8.3 jungle seed. Right at the start, players are on the edge of a swamp biome. Right behind the starting location, over the hill, is a witches hut in plain sight. This is a great Minecraft 1.8.3 house for anyone interested. If not, there's also a lot of forest biome and desert biome nearby. There are even some villages out in the desert to explore.

1.8.4 - Minecraft 1.8.4 swamp seed with beach, plains, trees, ocean

Minecraft 1.8.4 beach seed by swampland peninsula water seed plains desert tree swampland flower.jpg

This is another interest Minecraft swampland seed 1.8.4 to explore. This is doubles over as a beach seed too. Players spawn on a beach at the end of a swampland peninsula with a small grassland island in between. There's one tree out on the end of the beach somehow.

This is an interesting Minecraft 1.8.4 swamp seed because it's a swampland peninsula seed. There's ocean on either side of the swamp, which helps it to just blend into nothingness. The 1.8.4 lily pads are the only way to really tell where the swamp ends and the ocean begins. This is a cool 1.8.4 Minecraft swamp seed to try out. While this isn't one of the best Minecraft seeds necessarily, it's still a really fun Minecraft seed.

1.8.4 - Small 1.8.4 swamps by sunflower plains and ocean

Minecraft plains seed 1.8.4 swampland sunflower plains ocean forest taiga seed.jpg

This is a pretty cool 1.8.4 swampland seed for Minecraft. This one has players spawning in a 1.8.4 plains seed with the swampland right nearby. There's a sunflower plains right by the start of the swamp, but it's a small one. There are some sheep in the swamp, but unfortunately there are no witches huts.

The swamp kind of wraps around a hilly forest. This Minecraft swamp seed 1.8.4 has ocean on the other side, so it kind of just blends into the ocean at it's outer most edges. This is interesting as most swampland are usually inland. It is possible however to find swamp islands, but they're rare.

The 1.8.4 swampland in this seed for Minecraft has both kinds of mushrooms too. Anyone who wants to cultivate Minecraft mushrooms for food in 1.8.4 totally can with this Minecraft swamp seed. There are also cows and fissures in the plains, and tons of oceans to go sailing out into. There's even a little bit of 1.8.4 extreme hills to the north in this epic swampland seed for Minecraft.

1.8.8 - Minecraft swamp seed 1.8.8 with blacksmith village at start

Minecraft 1.8.8 swamp village seed with small private swamp nearby.jpg

This is a pretty cool 1.8.8 Minecraft swampland seed. Players start right in a small village, which has a blacksmith. This blacksmith has an iron sword, some iron pants, 3 obsidian, and a few other goodies. There are a lot of caves all around and plenty of forests to explore. Right next to the village is a very small private swamp. This is probably one of the smallest swamp biomes ever. The swamp seed for Minecraft is enclosed on three sides by roofed forest, and the village is on the last side. This is definitely another awesome Minecraft seed.