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This is a list of awesome Minecraft 1.9 survival island seeds. Not very much has changed for Minecraft island seeds in the 1.9 version of Minecraft. Either way, 1.9 has some of the biggest changes of any Minecraft version to date. Boats have had a major upgrade in Minecraft 1.9, along with countless other game mechanics.

It's fairly uncommon in recent versions of Minecraft to find isolated island seeds. Usually modern Minecraft island seeds come in a series of islands. It used to be much more common a long time ago to start on an island in the middle of nowhere with almost no chance of escaping. For Minecraft 1.9 island seeds it's almost impossible to find that kind of scenario.

Minecraft 1.9 survival island seeds

Minecraft 1.9 island seed with ocean monument nearby

Minecraft 1.9 survival island seed by ocean monument with handful of trees.jpg

This is a fun Minecraft 1.9 island seed to try out. Players start right on a cool medium island with an ocean monument nearby. There are a few trees on this 1.9 Minecraft survival island seed, and they're all shoved off to one side of the island. There should be gold blocks in the ocean monument which could be used later on in any game played on this Minecraft 1.9 seed.

There are other islands nearby, but this one is the furthest away from the rest of the chain. Overall this is a pretty cool Minecraft 1.9 survival island seed to try out. It's fairly difficult to survive with the only 5 trees and there's plenty of late-game potential with the gold blocks from the ocean monument. Definitely a fun 1.9 Minecraft island seed.

Fun Minecraft island seed 1.9 with small lava pool and forest

Minecraft survival island seed 1.9 with private lava pool and forest section.jpg

This is a cool 1.9 Minecraft island seed with a small lava pool in the middle of the island. At night this place looks very neat. There's a third of the island that's actually forest biome that has plenty of trees for just about anything. This is definitely a luxury 1.9 island seed that's very easy to survive on. There's usually no shortage of food on this island to any experience apple farmer. This island also has plenty of room to farm wheat. The lava pool can be used later on to create a nether gate, which is one of the best part about this Minecraft island seed.

Minecraft 1.9 island seed with natural iron mine

Minecraft iron mine island seed with private iron mine and some trees.jpg

This is a really fun Minecraft survival island seed 1.9 with a natural iron mine. In the center of the island there's a small cave that has a bunch of iron in it to get started with.

There are a few trees on this Minecraft 1.9 seed which make it possible to survive. There's also a little bit of grass to grow wheat with, but not much farmland. Overall this is a fairly generic 1.9 Minecraft island seed with other islands to the north to island hop to, but they're moderately far away. This is another fun 1.9 Minecraft island seed.

Minecraft 1.9 taiga island seed with animals and lava

Minecraft taiga island seed 1.9 with massive island in the ocean.jpg

This is an interesting Minecraft 1.9 island seed. There's not anything remotely "survival" about this 1.9 Minecraft island seed. This place is actually a gigantic taiga island. With enough exploration it becomes apparent that this place is out in the middle of the ocean. This is a fairly rare type of island seed. There are plenty of ways to survive on this big island seed. This place actually has animals, caves, lava pools, and more. This is a really awesome Minecraft island seed.

Minecraft flower forest island seed 1.9 with sunflower plains too

Minecraft flower forest island seed 1.9 sunflower plains and caves.jpg

This cool Minecraft survival island seed 1.9 starts players on one of the small islands just off the shore of the main one. The main island has flower forest biomes on the far ends and the middle of the island is made up of sunflower plains biome. There are a few caves built into the island to explore and some freshwater ponds. This is a great 1.9 island seed for Minecraft to work with. It's one of the most interesting Minecraft seeds.